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Physical Therapy

synergy We believe physical therapy is an integral part of not only recovering from injuries but also for injury prevention. Synergy Recovery Room is able to perform physical therapy consultations and injury evaluations for all members free of charge (by appointment only), but are then partnered with Synergy Manual Physical Therapy for formal evaluations and treatments.

Synergy Manual Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of athletic injuries and utilizes the latest techniques and tools in the rehabilitation process. What sets Synergy Manual Physical Therapists apart is their strong manual therapy skills and the amount of time they spend in a one-on-one session with you. The therapists will not only look at your injured body part, but they will assess your body as a whole functional unit. We know that problems in one area can be the fault of another system or structure not functioning properly.

To set up an evaluation* with a physical therapist please call Synergy Manual Physical Therapy at: 719-634-1110, or visit their website: synergympt.com

Or schedule a free injury consultation** through the recovery room:


* Evaluations are 30 t0 60 minutes with a physical therapist. You can use your insurance and will be responsible for any co-pay or deductible that you have not met.

** Injury consultations are free but are typically only 15 min in length and the physical therapist cannot perform any treatments or issue ex’s. They are typically used to determine if formal physical therapy evaluations and treatments are necessary.